Baby Burr (pyroweasle13) wrote,
Baby Burr

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Nasty Stuff is Gross

Been awhile, eh? No, I have not died or anything, just been extremly busy. To say that ALOT has happened in 11 days would be far to great of an understatement, but I shall not dig up all that has happened, no matter how catastrophic, just for the sake of having an entry alone. Last night I went to bed at around 9 PM and woke up this 'morning' at 1 PM. The movers were SUPPOSED to come today, but I guess they aren't (still not sure... it is kinda late for them). Tomorrow I'm taking Beau to the Mellinnium Mall and than (if all goes well) we're going to be staying at my place. **This just in: It appears that Ronnie and Jeremy may be joining the fun.** Well,I just finished telling my 'dad' off and on that note, I shall finish this entry. Lat0r!
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