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Secrets Out

Ok, you want an update? Here's one... Our secret is out. Me and Ronnie have been goin' out for awhile and up until now it was all hush-hush. We had planned on getting Jeremy a little more comfortable with the idea before telling him, but due to some unforseen circumstances (Jermey running into Beau at the mall), Jeremy found out through a 3rd party member (which makes it even worse). I, personally, have not spoken to Jeremy since he found out, nor do I think he even wants to speak with me. He's stuck on the idea that Ronnie was cheating on him with me behind his back, which is not true at all. This next part I hate to say because I know there are people who read this who are against the Ronnie/Billy storyline, but I really do love him and have been the happiest i've ever been in our time together. Someone on AIM really pissed me off yesturday cause they basically told me to cheat on Ronnie because, in his opinion, Ronnie was not attractive at all (which is far from true). It's no wonder why gay people have a bad reputation. I did the application for Target yeturday, but didn't get an interview because the team leaders were out to lunch, but Ronnie talked to one of them last night and put in a good word (or two) so i'll go back today and see if I can get that interview today. Well, that's enough of an update for now. Lat0r!
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Beau said, according to Jeremy, that Ronnie broke up with him because of all the tension between the triangle, said he wouldn't date anyone, and then got together with you 2 days later... and no one said that you should cheat on Ronnie because he was ugly. But, a cheater always cheats - so if he did it to Jeremy... then... he'll probably do it to you so you could do it to him. But that's "if"...

Because I really don't know - only Jeremy / Beau think Ronnie cheated... so I'll let you decide.
Yea, um, well, Ronnie never cheated on Jeremy. In fact, Ronnie tried everything he could to make his relationship with Jeremy work, over and over again. I'm not going to ruin what I have based on an illogical assumption like that. And why is Ronnie constantly the bad guy in all this? Why is he the one getting blamed for all this? I'm the one who asked him out.
Awww..... Just do whatever your heart tells you to do.

Best wishes for you and Ronnie.

Thanks =)

Deleted comment

Thanks, things are going alot better now. I'm glad to hear things are well with you and Kyle =)
you make an attractive pair =]
How the hell do all these people know this about me?