Baby Burr (pyroweasle13) wrote,
Baby Burr

New Journal

Well, I got a new journal. Unlike the one that came and went before (evilrabbitking), this new one is here to stay. In fact, the new one will be shortly replacing this one. Yes, I will still occasionally update this one, but the other one will be pretty much updated daily. 99% of the journal will be FRIENDS ONLY! There is already one post (as of writing this) in there. Can't see it? That's cause you're not added. If you think you should be added, IM me or leave a comment on the Friends Only post on my new LJ (babyburr620) when it becomes available.
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just wanted to say welcome to gay orlando...I created the community and try to say hi to everybody who joins. It's cool to also talk to new people from the community. Check out my journal if u want.
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