Baby Burr (pyroweasle13) wrote,
Baby Burr

-wonders if he's missed-
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awww ive missed u billy
>=\ You're on my new journals friend list... You haven't had time not to miss me since I update so much. lol.
lol i miss this one =p
si. i have missed thee, kind-hearted Billy.

as i commented earlier, we are supposed to remake Kill Bill 2together.

who do you wanna be?
i'd sort of like to be Elle because i think the eyepatch is hot.
Sadly, I never really watched Kill Bill... my name is Bill(y), however...

On a side note, I will add you to my new livejournal (babyburr620)
grand. i will, conversely, add you.

Deleted comment

Yup, Babyburr620... I just added you.
yes, you've been missed. Wondered what had happened with you.
got a new LJ... which you've been added to
Yeah... new Journal?

I didn't know you had a new one. Can you add me to that one?


Sorry it took so long, but... ADDED!!
Aww... Cool!

i miss reading ur entries. add me?
added (to the babyburr620 LJ)